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Weekly Band Biography – Modest Mouse

In my opinion one of the most original bands still writing today, is Modest Mouse. The indie-rock band was formed in Issaquah, Washington in 1993. The band’s lead singer Isaac Brock came from an interesting background. After dropping out of school Isaac began home-recording, and listening to his favorite band The Pixies, basically he spent a lot of time alone thinking and writing. Eventually Isaac recruited drummer Jeremiah Green, and bassist Eric Judy, to complete what he began musically. Later Modest Mouse went through some member changes.

Modest Mouse released there first EP, Blue Cadet-3, Do you Connect, At Dub Narcotic Studios. This EP is just one of many singles and EPs released by the band. It wasn’t until 1996 that the bands first full length album was released. This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About. This album has songs such as; “Exit Does Not Exist, Space Travel is Boring, and Breakthrough.” The album is great, but Modest Mouse didn’t breakthrough until 1997, with the album The Lonesome Crowded West. With the release the band manged to form a cult following, The Lonesome Crowded West, is considered to be one of the defining albums of the mid-90s indie rock scene.

More albums were released, and Modest Mouse began to write albums that were well received by the music industry. The Moon & Antarctica, and album on Epic Records, received a 9.8 out of 10 Rating from Pitchfork Media. Sometime in 2003 the band got a make-over. Losing old members, and gaining new. Isaac Brock was now grouped with Benjamin Weikel , and Dann Gallucci, and in April 2004, the hit album Good News for People Who Love Bad News. Many listeners favorate songs “Float On” and “Ocean Breathes Salty” are featured. They are featured playing these songs on Saturday Night Live. The album itself Was nominated for a Grammy for Best Alternative Rock Album.

The success continues with the release of We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, in 2006. With hit songs “Dashboard” and “Missed the Boat” as well as “We’ve Got Everthing”. The album easily reached number one on Us Billboard 200 charts. The band toured North America for two years promoting the record.

Modest Mouse has gone through many changes through the years the current members are; Issaac Brock, Jeremiah Green, Joe Plummer, and Tom Peloso. With 9 albums and almost 20 singles, and EPs, Modest Mouse has captured the hearts of millions. They combine Rock and philosophy, to create amazing, and original music.
For a Full discography check this site out! http://www.discogs.com/artist/Modest+Mouse

Creative Process


    How do you even move forward?  I find myself at the beginning stages of the creative process.  I have an idea on what to create, like a song, or article.  So I write the first line, but that’s all i really thought of.  Since I go brain dead after the first line or so, I eventually just think of a lot Bull Poop to fill in the middle.  Like in songs i just reuse lines or play the same stuff just slower or something.  Basically fill in the gaps with stuff that sounds kinda nice, or that doesn’t sound bad.  I have no idea where to go.  That’s basically the part of this post I’m at right now, It seemed like a real good one, but now is probably starting to drag out, so i gotta quickly fill in some random stuff.  

    My inspiration for creative things comes off of random thoughts.  I won’t think about it, it just appears in my mind.  But then when i get to the point of expanding the idea, i guess i apply a different part of my brain or something that isn’t as creative.  When I’m aware and trying to create a good song or something I’m not capable of taking it further then my original thought.  Is it possible that different parts of the brain have different capabilitys then others?  I guess thats kinda obvious.   Or maybe when I think I’m overly concerned about what others think.  If I try to hard to empress everyone my true nature may not show.  I hold back when expressing things because I think people won’t like it.  Maybe I’m using to much brain power thinking about things to openly.  Gotta step back and think of the task at hand, and take it from there maybe thinking less is key.

    How do you even move forward? Just embrace the random.  If I have an idea I don’t think to hard about it, just write.  Don’t take to much time trying to be creative, and just accept what my thoughts create.  And I won’t let, what i think others feel, make me hold back my true ideas.  I have to believe that everything I say is not bad.  This page was just me thinking in words.   



Electronic music. No Soul?



In my opinion electronic music takes away the soul in music.  Take an intermediate song writer.  They would use all there skills and power to create a song, maybe not up to everyone’s standards, but creating the best they could with all their heart.  They are feeling the tunes and playing the best they can, this is the soul in playing, giving it your all physically and mentally.

Now your electronic musician, they can play any amount of notes in any amount of time they want.  You get a loop going and mess around with other electronic things on top of that.  It sounds good and its very original, but the creator isn’t involved with the song throughout.  The individual performance doesn’t effect the intensity, and there is no emotional attachment to a jam that speeds up or becomes tighter, its a matter of moving some stuff or hitting some button.

I don’t know everything about electronic music.  But in my experience, having played with computer software, and real instruments, I respect the real thing more.  I believe there is a difference between playing your heart out, and making tones that sound good.

Ween Biogrphay (Weekly Band Bio)

Ween is possibly the most talented band that has graced the music industry even though about fifty percent of you reading this have probably never heard of them, maybe less. Gene and Dean Ween are the geniuses behind Ween, Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo respectively. They formed Ween in New Hope, PA when they were in eighth grade and since then they’ve been making the music industry their bitch behind closed doors and fueled with all kinds of psychedelic drugs.

Now, this bio might be a little biased considering Ween is my favorite band (see Weenhead), but it’s hard not to be impressed with them. Both of them play multiple instruments that stretch through all types of genres of music. Both of them have a vocal range that in my opinion is only outmatched by very few singers, the only coming to mind being Freddy Mercury. Not only that, but it’s all a joke to them. Every single one of their albums is heavily interlaced with musical satire that rips apart pretty much every genre of music. From Japanese Cowboy, possibly one of the most racist songs I’ve ever heard off of their album 12 Golden Country Greats (which incidently has only 10 songs, but that’s Ween for you), to Bananas and Blow off of White Pepper, which explains why Jimmy Buffet is always smiling, comedy is one of Ween’s main elements and they use it to the fullest. But of course, Ween has its serious side. They have quite a few love/breakup songs like Stay Forever off of White Pepper, Baby Bitch off of Chocolate and Cheese, and It’s Gonna Be (Alright) off of the Mollusk, that really show you a personal side of Ween. And then there’s the side of Ween that’s…well it’s best listened to when under the influence of some kind of psychedelic drug. Song’s like Laura off of The Pod, Happy Colored Marbles off of Quebec (really anything off of Quebec), and Spinal Meningitis off of Chocolate and Cheese. And there are so many more songs I want to name but I’m not going to spoil the thrill that is Ween for you.

I still have to ask myself sometimes if Ween is playing because they’re so sporadic and versatile it’s almost surprising. But you’ll find that out yourself when you go listen to them. Every album is different and I suggest you get all of them, because we need more Weenheads to bring Ween back.