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Crazy tattoo i don’t think i would do it.

Electronic music. No Soul?



In my opinion electronic music takes away the soul in music.  Take an intermediate song writer.  They would use all there skills and power to create a song, maybe not up to everyone’s standards, but creating the best they could with all their heart.  They are feeling the tunes and playing the best they can, this is the soul in playing, giving it your all physically and mentally.

Now your electronic musician, they can play any amount of notes in any amount of time they want.  You get a loop going and mess around with other electronic things on top of that.  It sounds good and its very original, but the creator isn’t involved with the song throughout.  The individual performance doesn’t effect the intensity, and there is no emotional attachment to a jam that speeds up or becomes tighter, its a matter of moving some stuff or hitting some button.

I don’t know everything about electronic music.  But in my experience, having played with computer software, and real instruments, I respect the real thing more.  I believe there is a difference between playing your heart out, and making tones that sound good.



           Whats your favorite type of movie?  In these days computer technology can make any movie look amazing. You don’t need good acting, or the best script.  People base there favorite movies of how nice it looks.  I think the movie industry needs to take the time to make meaningful movies that will make you think for days afterward, and not one you remember crazy stuff happened in.


Ween Biogrphay (Weekly Band Bio)

Ween is possibly the most talented band that has graced the music industry even though about fifty percent of you reading this have probably never heard of them, maybe less. Gene and Dean Ween are the geniuses behind Ween, Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo respectively. They formed Ween in New Hope, PA when they were in eighth grade and since then they’ve been making the music industry their bitch behind closed doors and fueled with all kinds of psychedelic drugs.

Now, this bio might be a little biased considering Ween is my favorite band (see Weenhead), but it’s hard not to be impressed with them. Both of them play multiple instruments that stretch through all types of genres of music. Both of them have a vocal range that in my opinion is only outmatched by very few singers, the only coming to mind being Freddy Mercury. Not only that, but it’s all a joke to them. Every single one of their albums is heavily interlaced with musical satire that rips apart pretty much every genre of music. From Japanese Cowboy, possibly one of the most racist songs I’ve ever heard off of their album 12 Golden Country Greats (which incidently has only 10 songs, but that’s Ween for you), to Bananas and Blow off of White Pepper, which explains why Jimmy Buffet is always smiling, comedy is one of Ween’s main elements and they use it to the fullest. But of course, Ween has its serious side. They have quite a few love/breakup songs like Stay Forever off of White Pepper, Baby Bitch off of Chocolate and Cheese, and It’s Gonna Be (Alright) off of the Mollusk, that really show you a personal side of Ween. And then there’s the side of Ween that’s…well it’s best listened to when under the influence of some kind of psychedelic drug. Song’s like Laura off of The Pod, Happy Colored Marbles off of Quebec (really anything off of Quebec), and Spinal Meningitis off of Chocolate and Cheese. And there are so many more songs I want to name but I’m not going to spoil the thrill that is Ween for you.

I still have to ask myself sometimes if Ween is playing because they’re so sporadic and versatile it’s almost surprising. But you’ll find that out yourself when you go listen to them. Every album is different and I suggest you get all of them, because we need more Weenheads to bring Ween back.

Humans as seen by Erik Haaf


  I believe that being human is more than bringing peace or reforming religion and society through ethics.  We all perceive the world in a way that society deems fit and we are nurtured by society’s own views on the world from birth to death.  Being human means breaking free from that cycle to perceive the world in one’s own unique way, free from any other influence.
    We live our lives by the way that society dictates, what a person knows is only available through the society that they live in.  The person who learns to understand every aspect of the world as something that they can comprehend the best, not what society wants them to know, is a human.  When we break free from society’s grasp each of us goes through our lives dependent and bound by our individual knowledge, and this is our reality.  But knowledge and awareness are equivocal, meaning one’s reality could be another’s illusion, and therefore perceptions vary.  In this way we warp the world around us into our own acceptable reality, what ever we decide is right for ourselves, or perhaps one with the least conflict.
    When we are able to shed off society’s influence and become human, a person will discover a new perspective and attitude towards the world.  Instead of living in blissful ignorance, they shed off the paradigm that exists within society, leading to new original ideas of the world.  Once we are able to realize that our lives cannot be dictated by society’s standards as a whole, then our minds will be open to more relevent and real matters.
    We must come to understand that nothing is the same, and that religion, personality, beliefs, and everything that is human nature changes from each indiviual.  There are too many people in this world who live in their arrogant fantasies, cut off from the rest of the world and shrouded by the ideals of society.  Those that manage to break free can view the world with fresh eyes.  This helping them to accept all the little things.

Written by: Matthew Ferrill

Are you a leader who is ‘on the side of the players’?


Business and music leaders face similar issues when working. Both have to be effective in enabling employees/musicians to perform their best. How do music leaders gain trust, respect so essential to achieving performance excellence? Here are the thoughts of an orchestral player as to the orchestral player – conductor relationship. Beecham, Boult, Barbirolli, Sargent and Karajan are considered the top world conductors of the 20th century.

“There is a very subtle aspect of the relationship between a conductor and an orchestra. We can tell if we are sitting as an assembled orchestra when a conductor takes one step towards us whether he is on the side of the players, whether he associates himself with us or not. We don’t even need him to reach the podium and say ‘Good morning’. We can tell. It’s something in the manner. Beecham had this quality, supremely, as did Boult and Barbirolli. Sargent not at…

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The pizza man

   I’ve known many pizza delivery drivers in my life.  In fact I am at a pizza place right now waiting for a delivery.  We are everywhere.  But the best part of it is that most of us enjoy smoking weed!  Its so common to see a stoner delivery man, that they reenact it in the movie – 30 minutes or less. 
   Its crazy that you dont here about more delivery drivers getting pulled over by cops.  Cops aren’t stupid.  Everyone knows whats going on but yet it will continue forever. 
   Stoners are meant to deliver your pizzas.  Although the munchies are hard to conquer, I feel stoners are the only ones you know the importance of getting food to people safe.

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The Roundtable Podcast 45

Wayne K. Spear

Week of 09.06.2013

U2 at Red Rocks

Conservative MPs Used Like ‘Trained Seals’ | Benjamin Franklin, Canada Post’s Founding Father | Calgary Man Fined for Fossil Trafficking | Thirty Years Ago This Week: U2 Live at Red Rocks | Recommended Video: VICE: High Country | Man, 66, Goes to Doctor and Finds He’s a Woman | Rob Ford | Pamela Wallin

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