Creative Process


    How do you even move forward?  I find myself at the beginning stages of the creative process.  I have an idea on what to create, like a song, or article.  So I write the first line, but that’s all i really thought of.  Since I go brain dead after the first line or so, I eventually just think of a lot Bull Poop to fill in the middle.  Like in songs i just reuse lines or play the same stuff just slower or something.  Basically fill in the gaps with stuff that sounds kinda nice, or that doesn’t sound bad.  I have no idea where to go.  That’s basically the part of this post I’m at right now, It seemed like a real good one, but now is probably starting to drag out, so i gotta quickly fill in some random stuff.  

    My inspiration for creative things comes off of random thoughts.  I won’t think about it, it just appears in my mind.  But then when i get to the point of expanding the idea, i guess i apply a different part of my brain or something that isn’t as creative.  When I’m aware and trying to create a good song or something I’m not capable of taking it further then my original thought.  Is it possible that different parts of the brain have different capabilitys then others?  I guess thats kinda obvious.   Or maybe when I think I’m overly concerned about what others think.  If I try to hard to empress everyone my true nature may not show.  I hold back when expressing things because I think people won’t like it.  Maybe I’m using to much brain power thinking about things to openly.  Gotta step back and think of the task at hand, and take it from there maybe thinking less is key.

    How do you even move forward? Just embrace the random.  If I have an idea I don’t think to hard about it, just write.  Don’t take to much time trying to be creative, and just accept what my thoughts create.  And I won’t let, what i think others feel, make me hold back my true ideas.  I have to believe that everything I say is not bad.  This page was just me thinking in words.   



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