Electronic music. No Soul?



In my opinion electronic music takes away the soul in music.  Take an intermediate song writer.  They would use all there skills and power to create a song, maybe not up to everyone’s standards, but creating the best they could with all their heart.  They are feeling the tunes and playing the best they can, this is the soul in playing, giving it your all physically and mentally.

Now your electronic musician, they can play any amount of notes in any amount of time they want.  You get a loop going and mess around with other electronic things on top of that.  It sounds good and its very original, but the creator isn’t involved with the song throughout.  The individual performance doesn’t effect the intensity, and there is no emotional attachment to a jam that speeds up or becomes tighter, its a matter of moving some stuff or hitting some button.

I don’t know everything about electronic music.  But in my experience, having played with computer software, and real instruments, I respect the real thing more.  I believe there is a difference between playing your heart out, and making tones that sound good.

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