Ween Biogrphay (Weekly Band Bio)

Ween is possibly the most talented band that has graced the music industry even though about fifty percent of you reading this have probably never heard of them, maybe less. Gene and Dean Ween are the geniuses behind Ween, Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo respectively. They formed Ween in New Hope, PA when they were in eighth grade and since then they’ve been making the music industry their bitch behind closed doors and fueled with all kinds of psychedelic drugs.

Now, this bio might be a little biased considering Ween is my favorite band (see Weenhead), but it’s hard not to be impressed with them. Both of them play multiple instruments that stretch through all types of genres of music. Both of them have a vocal range that in my opinion is only outmatched by very few singers, the only coming to mind being Freddy Mercury. Not only that, but it’s all a joke to them. Every single one of their albums is heavily interlaced with musical satire that rips apart pretty much every genre of music. From Japanese Cowboy, possibly one of the most racist songs I’ve ever heard off of their album 12 Golden Country Greats (which incidently has only 10 songs, but that’s Ween for you), to Bananas and Blow off of White Pepper, which explains why Jimmy Buffet is always smiling, comedy is one of Ween’s main elements and they use it to the fullest. But of course, Ween has its serious side. They have quite a few love/breakup songs like Stay Forever off of White Pepper, Baby Bitch off of Chocolate and Cheese, and It’s Gonna Be (Alright) off of the Mollusk, that really show you a personal side of Ween. And then there’s the side of Ween that’s…well it’s best listened to when under the influence of some kind of psychedelic drug. Song’s like Laura off of The Pod, Happy Colored Marbles off of Quebec (really anything off of Quebec), and Spinal Meningitis off of Chocolate and Cheese. And there are so many more songs I want to name but I’m not going to spoil the thrill that is Ween for you.

I still have to ask myself sometimes if Ween is playing because they’re so sporadic and versatile it’s almost surprising. But you’ll find that out yourself when you go listen to them. Every album is different and I suggest you get all of them, because we need more Weenheads to bring Ween back.

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