Slow Computer Fix

Just a little insight on the whole computer registry subject.  The windows registry is a database that stores your pc’s configuration settings.  When introuduced the registry’s purpose was to store information for COM-based settings.  The registry is now also used to clean up INI files that were previously used for storing configurations.

All information must pass through a registry before the pc can process it.  Everything as far as the numbers used in a mathmatics problem, all the numbers must be represented in  a register.  The amount of registers on your pc are a part of your pc’s overall speed.  In order for your pc to run properly windows needs to know the exact settings, and setup.  All of this information is also found on the registry. The system’s registry is fully automatic, and is constanly growing. In a sense the registry is the brain, or at least the part of the brain that stores info.  The registry is very important.

If you look at the registry as a brain, than naturally you would want it to be clean.  A dirty registry can cause many problems with your pc.  If you allow your pc registry to fill up with unwanted or old files, it could result in problems such as: Slow bootups, pc crashes, error messages , and overall slow performance.  Its recommended that your registry be cleaned once a month, on a pc used by one person.  If a family shares a computer than once a week may not hurt.

  In order to clean your registry software is needed to be downloaded.  Trying to manually clean it could result in computer crashes and more.  
If your computer is running slow, it might be a wise choice to check out your systems registry.  Making sure your pc registry is clean is a very important factor when it comes to pc performance. If your computer is old, or new its a logical choice to download a registry cleaning software, especially before any damage is done.  Your pc can run faster for longer with good slow computer fix software.  Since most regular folk don’t know much about the registry, its common to download software to help.  This software can be found in many locations on the internet.  They come in all shapes and sizes and many offer free trials.  So next time your computer starts to slow down remember you can prevent it! This may help your search

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