Humans as seen by Erik Haaf


  I believe that being human is more than bringing peace or reforming religion and society through ethics.  We all perceive the world in a way that society deems fit and we are nurtured by society’s own views on the world from birth to death.  Being human means breaking free from that cycle to perceive the world in one’s own unique way, free from any other influence.
    We live our lives by the way that society dictates, what a person knows is only available through the society that they live in.  The person who learns to understand every aspect of the world as something that they can comprehend the best, not what society wants them to know, is a human.  When we break free from society’s grasp each of us goes through our lives dependent and bound by our individual knowledge, and this is our reality.  But knowledge and awareness are equivocal, meaning one’s reality could be another’s illusion, and therefore perceptions vary.  In this way we warp the world around us into our own acceptable reality, what ever we decide is right for ourselves, or perhaps one with the least conflict.
    When we are able to shed off society’s influence and become human, a person will discover a new perspective and attitude towards the world.  Instead of living in blissful ignorance, they shed off the paradigm that exists within society, leading to new original ideas of the world.  Once we are able to realize that our lives cannot be dictated by society’s standards as a whole, then our minds will be open to more relevent and real matters.
    We must come to understand that nothing is the same, and that religion, personality, beliefs, and everything that is human nature changes from each indiviual.  There are too many people in this world who live in their arrogant fantasies, cut off from the rest of the world and shrouded by the ideals of society.  Those that manage to break free can view the world with fresh eyes.  This helping them to accept all the little things.

Written by: Matthew Ferrill

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